Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Seated Fairy in Red

This fairy was done shortly after the Butterfly fairy one and was painted with the intention of it being a companion piece. In fact everytime I paint one, I usually paint the other right after if not at the same time. Again the piece is painted with acrylic paints and sprayed with a matte finishing spray. The red dress is more of a really hot pink in color. There is felt glued to the base to prevent it from scratching furniture. The sheen on her was accomplished by putting a gold wash over the entire piece. She measures 8"h X 6"w X 5.5"d.


Guineapiglou said...

Wow these Fairy statue's are lovely

LadyStyx said...

Thanks. These ones are for sale...assuming they're still in good condition from the move we made last January. I painted a set for myself and a set for a friend's wedding. I did mine in red hair and lavendar dress while hers I did as a blonde/ maroon combo.